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With the advent of modern technological advent, IoT is considered a premier technology. Learners in the IoT can get enough inspiration to learn about fascinating tools and applications. The course also has amazing career opportunities. Are you ready to get technological advancement skills while learning about designing and building IoT systems? You can find several online courses, certification programmes, and degree programs available online to get efficient learning skills in IoT.

Digital Electronics Online Course is available from introductory to advanced levels. Even some online platforms offer free IoT courses. You can find 11 IoT and related technology programmes online. The courses are as follows.

IoT online courses for beginners

IT and other professionals can start with the following online IoT courses.

  1. Industrial IoT on Google Cloud Platform

Learn about: Google Cloud’s BigQuery, Trifacta’s Dataprep intelligent data service

Offered by: Google Cloud Training team

Course type: Free

  1. Introduction and Programming with IoT Boards

Learn about: Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Samsung Artik

Offered by: A professor at the Pohang University of Science and Technology in South Korea

Course type: Free

  1. Introduction to the Internet of Things

Learn about: Fundamental concepts of IoT

Offered by: Professors at Curtin University in Australia

Course type: Free/ $149 fee if you need a verified certificate of IoT course completion

  1. Introduction to IoT Training Course

Learn about: IoT fundamentals to IoT designs, framing, development, and user guide.

Offered by: Simplilearn

Course type: $399 (no requisite), However, candidates will be given certificates if they score at least 80% on the exam.

Online IoT courses at the intermediate level

  1. Architecting Smart IoT Devices

Learn about: IoT smart home and industrial devices, IoT software and hardware components, IoT Processors

Offered by:  EIT Digital

Course type: Free course (the candidates are provided certificates after completion of the course)

  1. M2M and IoT Interface Design and Protocols for Embedded Systems

Learn about: Machine-to-machine (M2M) IoT concepts, IoT systems development, and the communication protocols

Offered by:  The University of Colorado Boulder

Course type: Free course

  1. AWS IoT: Developing and Deploying an Internet of Things

Learn about: AWS IoT device management

Offered by:  AWS technical trainers

Course type: Free course/ $99 if the learners need a certificate on the completion of the course

  1. IoT#4: IoT Automation with Raspberry Pi

Learn about: IoT applications, Python programming for Raspberry Pi, socket programming for IoT, Pi Camera, home automation fundamentals, IoT networking, and general-purpose input/output pins assessing

Offered by:  EDUCBA

Course type:  $119.99/ Certificates provided to learners

IoT Online Courses Advanced Level

  1. Internet of Things Security Expert Training

Learn about: IoT Security programmes and cryptographic techniques to secure IoT applications and networks

Offered by:  Cognixia

Course type: $1,200

  1. Internet of Things Capstone V2: Build a Mobile Surveillance System

Learn about: IoT actuators and sensors, IoT development systems

Offered by: The University of California, San Diego

Course type: Free courses/ certificates are available after completion

  1. Certificate Course 5G Communication and the Internet of Things

Learn about: IoT system design, radio frequency systems, long-term evolution, sensor signal processing, IoT board developments, and algorithmic AI

Offered by: RWTH International Academy

Course type: Courses are available on RWTH’s website/ certificates are available after course completion

Summing up

Besides the aforementioned online courses, several online IoT online programs are available. Choose your course today and get enhanced skills in IoT. Registering in the Digital Electronics Online Course enables you to approach advanced IoT training programmes and choose the right career path.

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