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YouTube Tricks You Didn’t Know About

YouTube is considered to be the world’s most popular and successful streaming platform, and numerous reasons justify its success. Firstly, the platform has over 2.5 billion active users, including creators and watchers. Secondly, besides hosting millions of videos, the platform also features tons of music tracks, which is why, as per an article by Musically, YouTube is currently the biggest music streaming service in the world. The platform beats top-tier music streaming platforms like Spotify, Amazon Music, SoundCloud, etc. Moreover, thanks to the seamless AdSense integration the platform features, YouTube allows creators to upload different forms of videos and earn top-notch revenue. Thanks to this aspect of YouTube, there are hundreds of thousands of YouTubers present throughout the globe.

YouTube creators use the platform for uploading different forms and types of video content and earn revenue based on the ads the uploaded videos run every time a user clicks on them. However, even though creating and uploading videos may seem easy, it is not. Before uploading videos, creators need to edit videos and make them compliant with the standards set by the platform. Thankfully, there are numerous apps and utilities available using which creators can edit YouTube videos. For instance, if you are a creator and are wondering how to edit YouTube videos, you can use numerous apps and utilities to get the job done easily. For starters, individuals can use the native YouTube Studio app to edit and upload videos on their channels. It is a great utility using which creators or editors can make minor adjustments to videos. Besides this, if users wish to access more advanced features, they can opt to use more advanced video editors like DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, etc.

Coming back to users of the platform, most of them are oblivious to certain top-tier features and functionalities YouTube offers. To ensure users have an exceptional user experience, this article will list numerous YouTube tips and tricks following which they can truly utilize the platform’s features to the best of their capabilities. Let us dive right into it:

  • Download Audio Featured on YouTube

Even though YouTube is home to hundreds of millions of videos, there are instances when users do not require entire videos, i.e., all they need is the audio file. However, YouTube does not allow users to download content from their platform, at least not those who do not have a Premium membership. Thankfully, there are multiple methods following which users can conveniently download both video and audio files featured on the platform. There are multiple apps and resources available for users of different platforms using which they can easily download YouTube content. For instance, macOS users can use Pulltube, a third-party YouTube downloader app using which users can easily download any audio they want in any quality. Similarly, Windows users can use third-party apps like Snappea and aTube Catcher. Besides this, users of Windows or macOS can also opt to download content from YouTube using web browser extensions like ByClick Downloader, YouTube MP3 Download, etc. Another great resource for downloading audio from YouTube is a reliable website that offers downloading options to users.

  • Get Hold of Video Transcripts

A video transcript is a text-based document that comprises all the words spoken or used in a video. In simpler words, a transcript is a text version of any specific video. Video transcripts come in handy in numerous situations. For instance, if you wish to note down a line from a video you want, you can easily acquire it by downloading the video’s transcript. Besides this, transcripts also come in handy when you wish to find a specific portion of the video without watching it completely. YouTube offers numerous ways following which users can acquire the transcript of any video they want. One of the most effective ways is using the platform’s native transcript-acquiring option. If you wish to acquire the transcript of a YouTube video, all you need to do is click on the “More” option under the video’s title and click on the “Transcript” option. However, the option may not be available if the uploader has hidden it.

  • Get Rid of Advertisements

Skipping advertisements on YouTube videos can become quite stressful after a while. However, there is an easy way following which users can get rid of all sorts of advertisements. All they need to do is opt for a Premium membership plan. Doing so will not only remove ads from the user’s account but also offer numerous other benefits, such as a download option, access to YouTube Music, background playback, etc. Even though it is a paid service, a YouTube Premium membership allows users to use the platform and consume content without interruptions.

If you are a big fan of the YouTube platform, implement the aforementioned tips and tricks to have a seamless experience.

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