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In May of 2001, Foley was diagnosed with ALS. Since then, she has advocated for others with the disease, as well as for research to find a cure. In this article, learn more about her work and her message of hope.

May Foley is a well-known American businesswoman. She is the co-founder and CEO of ZDNet, a popular technology website. Ms. Foley has been instrumental in the success of the website, which has been downloaded over one million times. may mayfoleyzdnet

In addition to her work with ZDNet, Ms. Foley also serves on the board of directors for the Technology Business Research Center. may mayfoleyzdnet

In the early days of May, most people are consumed with the end-of-school year rush and preparing for summer. For some, that means getting the perfect tan and for others, it means hitting the beach with friends. But for May Foley, it means something entirely different. As the creator of maymayfoleyzdnet, a website dedicated to all things May, she sees the month as a time to celebrate her namesake.

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