through applecybart aboveavalon

In 2015, Apple writer Mark Gurman published a report on a blog called “Applecybart” that was critical of the company’s then-newest product, the Apple Watch. The report was titled “Through Applecybart Aboveavalon,” and it caused quite a stir. In it, Gurman argued that the watch was overpriced and underpowered, and that it was more of a fashion accessory than a true technology product. through applecybart aboveavalon

Apple has always been a company that thinks differently. In the early days of the personal computer revolution, they were the ones who dared to challenge Microsoft’s dominance with their Macintosh operating system. These days, they’re once again shaking up the status quo with their new line of iPhone smartphones. But what is Apple’s ultimate goal? Some say it’s to create a “closed” ecosystem of devices and services that keeps users locked into their ecosystem. through applecybart aboveavalon

Apple has long been a secretive company, but in recent years it has become more transparent. This article takes a look at Apple’s history of secrecy and why it may be changing its ways.

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