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An important player on the fielding side is the wicketkeeper. He stands 10 to 20 yards behind the striker’s wicket, or directly back for slower bowlers, depending on the speed of the bowler. He must focus on each ball, ready to stop one that crosses the wicket, bowl out a batsman if he moves from his position, or catch one that is brought to him by a defender. The craze of cricket has been potentially increasing due to these cricket live-streaming video showing the real caliber of the wicket keepers behind the wicket.

Best keeps so far

123 Stumpings by MS Dhoni (India)

With 123 wickets in 347 ODI appearances as a wicket-keeper, former Indian captain & wicket-keeper MS Dhoni leads the way. While playing in India (120 stumpings) & Asia XI, he had an impact on these stumpings (3 stumpings). He is the only player in the history of ODIs to have more than 100 stumpings. In addition, Dhoni has 24 more successful stumpings than the wicket-keeper who came in second on this list. Dhoni participated in 25 stumpings versus Sri Lanka, which was a career highlight for him. He then participated in 18 against Australia & 16 against England. 51 stumpings are in his residence. He has contributed to the most stumpings when away from home in Sri Lanka with 11, followed by England with 13 stumpings. In 2007, Dhoni got the most stumpings.

KC Sangakkara: 99 Stumpings (Sri Lanka)

Kumara Sangakkara, a designated wicket-keeper from Sri Lanka, is ranked second with 99 stubbings in 360 ODIs. He served as Sri Lanka’s previous captain and wicketkeeper. He had an impact on these stumpings while playing for Asia XI and Sri Lanka (96 wickets) (3 stumpings). Sangakkara has stumped 19 times, mostly against South Africa, and 13 times against England. He has 36 wickets to his credit in Sri Lanka. He has 17 unforced errors while away from home in Australia, followed by 9 in England. With 12 misfields each year between 2004 and 2006, Sangakkara had the most impact.

75 Stumpings for RS Kaluwitharana (Sri Lanka)

Romesh Kaluwitharana, a second Sri Lankan wicketkeeper, is fourth on the list having 75 wickets in 186 games as a designated hat-trick- trick. When he was playing for Sri Lanka, he affected every stumping. Kaluwitharana has 22 stumpings against Pakistan, with 11 against Australia coming next. Only 27 of the 75 stumpings—all of the others took place outside of Sri Lanka—were carried out there. He has completed the most outings away from home in the UAE, followed by 10 in India. His stumpings have primarily occurred in Asia, where the pitch favors spin bowling. Kaluwitharana impacted 18 stumpings in 1999.

Moin Khan: 73 Stumpings (Pakistan)

Moin Khan, a designated wicket-keeper for Pakistan, ranks fourth on this list with 73 wickets in 211 ODI games. He has 73 stumpings in addition to 214 catches. His 13 stumpings against each of India and Sri Lanka, followed by 12 against it West Indies & 10 each against Britain and New Zealand, have been his most frequent opponents. When playing at home, just 26% of his wickets have been influenced; the remaining 74% were made in neutral or away situations. He had the most stumpings under away circumstances in the UAE, followed by 9 and 8 each in England and Australia. Moin Khan completed 13 stumpings between the years 1996 and 1999.

Adam Gilchrist – 55 Stumpings (Australia)

With 55 wickets in 282 ODIs as a specialist wicket-keeper, Australian star Adam Gilchrist is ranked sixth on the list of cricketers with the most ODI stumpings. While representing Australia and the ICC, he had an impact on these stumpings. Gilchrist has nine stumpings against Sri Lanka and seven against South Africa. His 20 wickets have occurred both at home and away. He had eight stumpings against England and four against the West Indies, then four against India and four against Sri Lanka. Gilchrist recorded the most (10) wickets in a single year in 2001.

NR Mongia: 44 Stumpings (India)

The sixth person on this list is Indian wicketkeeper Nayan Mongia, who has 44 stubbed opponents in 140 ODIs. Mongia served as the designated wicket-keeper in each of India’s ODI matches. His 12 stumpings versus New Zealand are the most, with 7 apiece versus Pakistan and Australia following. Half of his stumpings—21—have occurred in India, where he comes from. Mongia has the greatest wickets in away conditions in New Zealand (six), followed by five in each of Sri Lanka as well as the UAE. In his six-year career, Nayan Mongia got 14 stumpings in 1998, which was the most.

Mushfiqur Rahim: 44 stumps (Bangladesh)

The next on the list is Mushfiqur Rahim, the former commander, and wicket-keeper of Bangladesh, who has 44 wickets in 204 ODIs as a designated wicket-keeper. More than 40% of his total stumpings—19 of them—came from stumpings against Zimbabwe. His next four against the West Indies and three against each India, Afghanistan, & New Zealand round out the list. He lost his first 25 wickets at home. In Zimbabwe, he has taken the most wickets while playing away. With 11, he recorded the most stumpings inside a calendar year.

39 Stumpings by IA Healy (Australia)

Ian Healy, an Australian wicketkeeper, is ranked eighth overall with 39 wickets in 168 ODIs. In every ODI he has played in, Healy, like Mongia, has served as the designated wicket-keeper. Its most stumpings (10) by Healy came against South Africa, followed by 7 against Pakistan. He was stumped 16 times in Australia. He has five wickets in South Africa & New Zealand when playing away, followed by four in India. In 1994, he made 11 stumpings or 28% of all his stumpings.


With 123 stumpings throughout 350 games, MS Dhoni tops the list of most wickets in ODI cricket.

The former captain of India averages a fantastic one stumping per contest. His record of three wickets in an ODI game three times makes him the only wicketkeeper in the history of ODI cricket to account for further than 100 stumpings. The most by a wicketkeeper against any team are MS Dhoni’s total of 25 stumpings, which he has accomplished alone against Sri Lanka.

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