How to Decorate Your Office

Your office might be your professional workplace, but that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate and personalize it to match your vibe. It’s important to stay in touch with things that are important to you as much as you can and your office is a place you usually spend at least half of your day in if not more. It only makes sense it should be a place you feel comfortable enough to want to spend time and work stress free in; a place that makes you feel at home. Hence, we came up with a list of ideas you can use to decorate your office while still keeping it professional.

Personalize Your Office Computer

If you don’t have enough office space or the flexibility to follow up through the rest of the list, you can always personalize your PC. Start with the obvious– your wallpaper and lock screen. It can be anything ranging from a scenery that you like to a picture with your family, friends, pets, or other loved ones. Other than that, you always tinker with the themes and sounds in your PC. To push a little further, if your office permits, you can even get some personalized keyboards and mouse.

Bring in Your Favorite Diffuser

If your office provides you with space that’s only yours, or the people you’re sharing with do not seem to mind, there is no other way to get settled in quickly than to have your favorite scent surround you. All you have to do is get a scent diffuser that you like the most, place it at your desk and then let it do its job. If you cannot find a scent diffuser, you can even just pour your favorite essential oil in a bottle. It’ll work as nicely as an actual scent diffuser.

Put Up Pictures of Your Loved Ones

There is nothing in the world that makes one feel at home than being with the people they love. Although you can’t actually bring the people you love to work every day, unless they already work there, you can put up a photo of them on your desk to be reminded of them throughout the day. If it’s more than one picture that you can fit in a single frame, you can purchase joint double or triple compact frames.

Bring in Some Greens

You can bring your office to life by adding some greens. If you have an office large enough, you can bring in large indoor plants to place in corners to liven up the place. Make sure they’re indoor instead of outdoor plants which are relatively harder to maintain. You can use plastic plants as well, since they’re more convenient but the indoor ones are aesthetically more pleasing. If you do not have enough office space, you can put smaller plants on the desk. You can even personalize their pots by painting and decorating them. If that seems like too much work, you can order cute and fashionable plastic plant pots and you’re good to go.

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