How Many Miles Will An Electric Skateboard Last?

A skateboarder who abides by traffic signals can generally travel one mile in approximately 8 minutes. That’s about an average speed of 7.5 miles per hour average speed.

Let’s first be discussing how this wowgo electric board covers at least 18 miles. How? It is due to the 400W motor installed within the E-GO2. They also increased this maximum. Distance by making the Longboard using composite wood that is eight layers thick, which is much smaller and more durable than Canadian maple.

Top Electric Skateboards That Run Around 15 Miles In A Single Charge

1. Yuneec E-GO Cruiser and E-GO2 Long board (two E-skateboards made by the same manufacturer)

It is possible to travel for 13 miles on one battery charge. While it’s not exactly 15 miles in total, it’s still a substantial distance. One of the primary reasons for this is Yuneec’s choice to install a Lithium-ion battery inside the E-GO Cruiser. (Li-ion batteries are now the standard battery used in most electronics.)

People who weigh less than 220lbs. will not have any issues riding this board, particularly when they are going for the 12.5mph maximum speed. The weight carriage is due to the thicker 8-layer Canadian maple the deck is made of.

2. LiftBoard Single Motor Belt Driven Electric Skateboard

The single motor, 900W, LiftBoard is specifically designed to travel on flat surfaces and follow “hidden” trails. It may not sound to be an enormous amount to power a motor. However, it’s. (The “average” wattage for single motors is 350-700W.)

3. Buffalo F Electric Skateboard

Before we can reach the board’s length, feel it is appropriate to salute. Buffalo constructed the F electronic skateboard of four layers of fibreglass and four layers of bamboo. The board is sturdy and lightweight, especially considering the weight. It’s got one motor. It’s a little unsatisfying until you discover that it’s 1200W of power.

4. GT Power board (with SLA Batteries)

Equipped with SLA batteries, this GT Power board (made by E-Glide) will take up to 15 miles when riding on smooth surfaces due to the B & B EV batteries. Even E-Glide states that the board is built using “state of the art European electronics” and can get you from 0-23mph in less than 5 minutes (thanks to its lightweight aluminium deck). It isn’t an all-terrain bike and should not be used on plains or surfaces that are uneven or grassy.

5. Swagtron Voyager 42”

Wowgo electric board has been talking regarding the Swagtron Voyager 42″ e-Long board, and with good reason: this model is amazing. It’s not just able to support up to 330 pounds. (due to its eight-layer Canadian Maplewood and 2-layered bamboo deck, which makes it a fantastic choice for people heavier) It can also go up to 30mph max. Swagtron has equipped their Voyager ESk8 with two 350W motors (700W total). With a length of 42″ long, it weighs 19lbs, making it easy to transport.

6. Koowheel D3M Long board Electric Skateboard

Koowheel developed a distinctive board when they created their D3M Long board. They equipped it with dual brushless hub motors of 350W (700W). A few brands chose to use 2powerful hub motors in their eSk8s, and I’m wondering why. Perhaps this is why they’re named one of the top brands today.

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