5 Factors Why Brands Use Custom Rigid Boxes for Their Premium Products

What issue prevents your company from finding a packaging partner who can create custom rigid boxes? You can depend on ICB to provide long-lasting packaging for the goods and services associated with your brand. You could be able to draw consumers and raise the value of your company with the aid of our custom printed rigid boxes.

You can get solid rigid boxes for your valuable products because we appreciate the value of personalized packing. Hence, We promise the greatest print quality by utilizing processes at the industry’s forefront. You can choose from a range of color models we offer when bringing brilliant colors into the package. To place an order, get in touch with us as soon as possible.

Other options that can be considered to enhance the appeal of Custom Rigid Boxes are foiling and full UV coating, spot-UV coating windows, matt lamination, and glossy and matte lamination. ¬†One thing to keep in mind is that we don’t charge extra for customization, so whatever you put there will stay there. Additionally, we offer free shipping within the shortest time if you reside in the USA.

Manufacturer and Supplier of High-Quality Custom Rigid Boxes in the USA

Custom rigid boxes claim to improve your product, but they improve your brand as well. We can help you in any way if you want to make your packaging into a moving billboard. To draw in potential and beloved customers, it is also possible to create designs with vibrant colors.

Moreover, you can request that your rigid boxes be decorated however you like. Ideal Custom Boxes offer the following add-ons as part of our customization choices:

  • Spectral UV
  • Hot-stamped
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Window cut

In addition to finishing, we provide the following services at additional expense to give your boxes additional coatings of finishing to attract clients and persuade them to purchase the product.

  • Matte
  • Varnish
  • Gloss
  • Soft-touch Surface
  • Velvet

Following your request, we create a 2D, 3D, and tangible sampling of it. With these alternatives, you may check designs and obtain a peek at the real thing. Together, let’s create unique rigid boxes wholesale for your items.

Why Do Businesses Use Rigid Boxes with Custom Printing?

The hard bespoke packaging best protects the valuables. There is no better way to package heavy objects than rigid boxes with 24″ x 24″ dimensions. Flexible materials can’t deform and can’t make it easier for you to transport your goods internationally. Because it is so versatile, corporations frequently choose it.

What printing techniques do we employ for our luxurious rigid boxes?

When it comes to packaging, this is fairly straightforward. Along with the material, print quality is an important consideration. All your effort in creating the artwork will be for naught if customers overlook the box because of the dull printing. You can draw customers in and increase sales with the rigid setup boxes printed flawlessly.

The printing process used on a stiff package must be carefully considered. To obtain excellent print quality and wow your customers, it’s critical to employ the proper printing procedure. Using these printing approaches, you could make a distinctive significant choice that sticks out from the competition.

  • Offset Printing
  • Digital printing

Offset Printing

Offset printing uses rubber blocks and printing plates to add pictures to the package. Thus, the content is first transferred to the rubber blocks, and then those blocks are transferred to the finished package. Despite the longer setup time and higher costs, it’s a fantastic option for anyone looking for the perfect large order due to its high print quality.

Digital printing

Digital printing is one of the top and also best printing processes in the world in terms of quality. It sets up your requirements quickly and affordably and guarantees flawless results in a shorter time. Like a typical office printer, the technology uses liquid ink to print images on custom rigid boxes.

You can really choose the top one that best satisfies the needs of your product and branding since they both produce high-quality prints.

The Best Rigid Boxes Marketing Strategies

Packaging with a generic design is ineffective at luring customers. If you spend money on packaging with unique design elements and personalized features, customers are more likely to purchase from you. Hence, we value custom retail boxes, so we offer the following services under the heading of customization:

  • Add-ons
    • Coats for Finishing

Add-ons, as their name implies, are components that lengthen the packaging’s useful life. However, It is common knowledge that we produce rigid candy boxes with unique characteristics. We provide affordable, specialized services for this. The add-ons we offer are as follows:

  • Hot-stamped
    • Embossing
    • Debossing
    • Window repair
    • Coats for Finishing

It is one of the most effective and high class methods for luring customers. Thus, First impressions matter a lot. It would be best if you made investments in design elements that draw customers’ attention. Long-term, a small investment in finishing coatings will generate a large return. Use one of the following to create eye-catching black rigid gift boxes:

  • Matte Surface
    • Glossy Surface
    • Finishing Varnish
    • Soft-touch Surface

How can you create Custom Rigid Boxes with Vibrant Colors?

Pick hues that go well with your brand identity to make the rigid wholesale boxes seem and feel inviting. When selecting a color model, the rigid boxes have vivid colors. Hence, the colors that deteriorate with time ought to be avoided. We provide the following color models to add color to the white rigid box printing:

  • Color Model
  • PMS

Prototype samples are what we offer before manufacturing:

Prototyping can be used if you want to test the box’s design elements before mass producing them. You will then view packaging that stands out from the competition.

Let’s complete the order to wow your clients:

When creating logo printed Custom Printed Boxes with minimal minimum orders for retail and wholesale, ICB is the name to remember. We provide a range of extras and finishes for gift rigid boxes with unique design features. Time to impress the people you care about with superior printing! You can also use prototyping services to help you assess the box’s quality.

Contact us right away if you need assistance conceptualizing the packaging goals for your brand. Hence, we are available to you every single day.

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