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Vladimir Putin’s remark about the Holy Prophet (S.A.W)

Vladimir Putin is a well-known Intelligence officer and a Russian politician, now he is serving as the Russian President. And 2nd longest-serving president in history is Vladimir Putin.

On Thursday, in Moscow, December 23. Vladimir Putin remarks in his annual news conference where he said that insult of the holy prophet (S.A.W) is not artistic freedom. Rather it is against the Islamic traditions and it deeply hurt the feelings of Muslims.

It is also reported that the Russian president commented that the publication of blasphemous sketches is the basic reason for the criticism in the world and its best example is the attack on an office of Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris. When he published the cartoon on holy prophet (S.A.W). In short, it creates extremist crises in the world.

He also remarks on the Nazis’ photos on the websites in which one tilled immortal contingent that committed to the Russians died in World War II.

Eventually, Russia build interracial. And Putin also said that Russians are established with repaying respect for such heritage.

And Prime Minister Imran Khan also welcomed Putin’s remarks that counter Islamophobia. And he said in his tweet that we must spread this news, especially Muslim leaders. PM Imran Khan said that non-Muslim countries should respect muslin traditions as like they are respected. He also said that we should work together for the end of Islamophobia from the world.

The Russian president also said that in some countries this respect is called a facility. He praised the inventive amnesty in general but he also said that it has some limitations that he must obey when it beyond it crises are raised. And it does not try to interfere with others’ liberation.

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