Types of Synthetic Hair Extensions

Artificial hair is widely used by hairstylists. These extensions are a game changer for everyone. They save so many bad hair days and help you out if you are having any other problem with styling your hair. Even in the medical field, hair extensions and wigs are widely used for patients suffering with cancer and alopecia. Synthetic hair comes in so many different types. It can be hair weaves, wigs, tinsels and ombre braiding hair. Here are various synthetic hair extensions you can use for styling your hair and giving them added volume.

Clip On Hair Extensions

Clip on extensions are the fastest way to attach synthetic hair. You can use these for a quick style whenever you are heading out to a party or dinner. These are not very durable and might fall off if you do not attach them firmly. So, clip on synthetic extensions do not last more than a day in their state and you will have to remove them before going to bed and style your hair again. It is also a good option to use for styling a kids hair as these do not cause any damage at all.

Braiding Hair

Braiding hair is used to add volume and length to your braids. You can get these synthetic extensions in whatever colour and type you want. It can be ombre braiding hair or party coloured braiding hair. These hair strands are not perfectly straight and are usually puffed up to let them settle when you get tight braids made. They are commonly used and are very durable too. These extensions last as long as your braids last and can be reused over and over again. Stylists usually weave them in your hair so they are easily removable too.

Shiny Tinsels

Hair tinsels are the latest trend of 2022. These synthetic hair extensions are usually a single strand made up of shiny and colourful nylon. It is weaved in your hair one strand at a time. It takes quite a lot of time and effort but is absolutely worth it. These strands give your hair a glittering look. Tinsels last for almost a month. They usually just fall out when the hair the tinsels are tied to break off. You will have to go to a professional if you want them weaved in your hair perfectly. Shiny tinsels in open hair look gorgeous and as you move around, they sparkle.

Colourful Wigs

Wigs are the most commonly used synthetic hair extensions. You can get wigs in all hair styles, sizes, lengths, colours and even various haircuts. The type of hair you have does not matter at all. You will always find a wig that matches your hair perfectly. Wigs are easier to style that normal hair too. You need to braid your hair and tuck them perfectly under a wig cap before you glue your wig down. If you do not want your synthetic wig to come off during the day, make sure you use a strong glue and dry it up perfectly too.

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