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Top 10 Rapist Countries In 2021-2022

Sexual contact without a person’s will is known as rape. It has different types like campus, corrective, date and gang rape, etc. Approximately 35 percent of women in the world become victims of rape. Some of them reported, and others did not try to divulge the police because of a lack of willingness.

The top 10 Countries are following in the rape list of 2022.

South Africa72.10%
Costa Rica36.70%


Botswana’s ratio of rape cases is the highest among the other country’s ratio. It is on the top of the top 10 rapist countries in 2022. 40.9% of 1244 women of 13-24 years reported that they raped in their lifetimes, confirmed in a 2009 study. Of 654 women10.3% of women raped in their lifetime reported in a 2011 study. 4.6% of women raped in past years. Of 613 men3.9% of men have also been raped in past years.


Australia is on the 2nd number in the top 10 rapist list ratio in 2022. The reported rate per 10,000 people is comparatively high. The rape ratio is 1.2 per 10,000 people in Japan. In India, it is 1.8 per 10,000 people. In Bahrain, it is 4.6 per 10,000 people. And in Mexico, it is 12.6 per 10,000 people.

Approximately 0.3% of Australians were the victims of sexual contact before 12 months during the interview of 2011-12.and only one-third of the victims reported to the police. Bureau of Statistics conducted a women safety survey in 1996 consists an erratic sample of 6300 women of age 18 or over. It gives the chance to find the 1.9% sexual contact victims preceding 12 months. Over two-thirds of men are relatives of women. Only 15% of victim women reported to the police from the sample.


Lesotho is number 3rd in the top 10 rapist countries in 2022. And sexual assault is one of the problems of Lesotho’s social crisis. In 2008, recorded incidences were the highest incidence of any country, according to the UNODC. 33% of women from the 1,049 of being raped at age 18. In most rape cases, the ratio of boyfriends is 66%. 16% of husbands were sustaining to use force, and if she refuses to have sex with him. 15.7% of husbands beat her, according to the survey of DHS in 2009. AIDS is also a very crucial mess in Lesotho. Researches have come to an end after viewing the ubiquity of HIV in Lesotho that the system should declare to control women’s sexuality.

South Africa:

In the top 10 rapist countries of 2022, South Africa is on the fourth number. To reduce the rape ratio the Criminal Law Amendment act was formed in South Africa that is relevant to ratification. It included the modern century laws and even the laws for sexual violence within the marriage. In South Africa, sexual abuses are usually as compared to other countries. In South Africa, the child and babies rape ratio is very high in the world, for instance, 67,000 rape cases were in 2000. And public welfare groups believe that the rate ratio of unreported rape cases is 10th times higher than reported cases.

The nine-month-old baby was died due to a sexual attack because of pain because the pain was not able to bear, reported in 2001. A four-year-old girl died after being raped by his father.

The Maximum sexual abuse with children in South Africa is due to the misunderstanding that sex with a virgin girl person with AIDS cured. Approximately 11% of the South Africa population is affected by HIV. The Medical research council in South Africa questioned the South African people about rape with someone. 37% raped a woman, according to the survey of the Government-Funded Medical Research Foundation. In South Africa, in a survey, 4% of girls and 11% of boys admitted to forcing someone else to have sex, and in another survey, all the boys said that gang rape was fun( among the 15,00 school children in Soweto township). In the past years, 4.95%been raped. The 500, 000 rape cases are annually disclosed in South Africa according to the humanitarian news organization IRIN. In South Africa, elderly women and babies rape cases are headlines on the inside of the newspaper. Even sexual attack in South Africa is so frequent that they facile make the news. But complicated sexual abuse gets no heed.


Bermuda is on the 5th number in the top 10 rapist countries in 2022. When a person tries to make sexual contact without another person’s will or any consent, then it is called rape in Bermuda under the criminal code act, but this is no longer called rape in law books.


Sweden is the six-country in the top 10 rapist list of 2022. The 66 cases of sexual assaults were reported per 100,000 population in 2012, according to the SNCCP. According to the United Nations of Drugs and Crime, this was the biggest number in 2012. The Swedish police are very conscious of sexual assaults matter and study each case separately, compared to other countries. The definition of rape in Sweden is relatively spacious. Therefore more rape cases are reported in Sweden rather than in other countries. For instance, the Sweden government updated its sexual crime law and made the definition of rape wider.

And there is a strong connection between the equality of gender and the revelation of sexual assaults. And women volunteered themselves and reported to the police due to this gender equality. Therefore Swedish is the number one country with equality of sex.


Suriname is number seven country on the list of top 10 rapist countries in 2022. And rape definition considers there is sexual connection without any provable relation. And rape ratio in Suriname was 45.21% in 2005. In previous years it is 0.00%.

Costa Rica:

On the list of top 10 rapist countries in 2022, Costa Rica is the eighth number. And rape ratio in Costa Rica is 36.70% in 2013 per 100,000 population. And its rape ratio fluctuated many times in the previous years.


The rapes were native in Nicaragua, was reported in 2010. According to Amnesty International, 14,377 cases were recorded, by police between 1998 to 2008, of which approximately two-thirds of victim girls under 17. The rape ratio in Nicaragua is low because women became victims of sexual assault due to social crises and incurious authorities. And in Nicaragua, abortion was made illegal in 2008 without any solid freak or reason, and it is a very oppressive act for a victim who becomes pregnant.


Grenada is number 10 on the list of top 10 rapist countries in 2022. And the rape ratio in Grenada is 30.63% per 100,000 population. In recent previous years, its rape ratio was random.

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