Things to do with old tires

Everyone’s got a couple of spare tires lying around. Whether it’s from a dirt bike you don’t use anymore whose tires you can’t even sell as used dirt bikes tires because of how old they are, or old car tires. There are so many ways you can upcycle an old tire instead of letting it collect dust in the corner of your garage.

Pinterest is filled with ideas on how to turn tires into completely irrecognisable home decor but here’s a narrowed-down list:

Tire table

Building a whole table from scratch is extremely exhausting and woodwork is not for the faint of heart! Instead of wood, opt for an old tire and top it with a round piece of glass slightly larger than the tire itself.

You can even spray-paint the tire to match the color of your interior. A tire table matches any sort of aesthetic so it’s definitely a DIY you should do.

Tire swing

If you have a backyard, you can install a tire swing using an old tire and some sturdy rope. This is a great idea if you have kids in the house or are frequent hosts to kids. Make sure the rope you get is sturdy enough to hold the weight of a child and you are good to go.

Tire swings are probably one of the cheapest DIYs you can make considering you already have a spare tire you don’t have any use for.

Tire planters

Another fascinating idea if you have a yard is to use tires as pots for your plants. You can grow a little vegetable and herbs garden of your own, using the tires as dividers. If that idea doesn’t appeal to you much, there are countless ideas of how people have used tires to revamp their gardens.

A popular idea is tire swans, where the tires are sliced into halves and bent in a way that resembles a swan. It looks really cool and is great if you enjoy growing flowers in your garden.

Obstacles course

If you have particularly adventurous kids in the house, you should design an obstacle course for them using tires. Lay out the tires on a flat land slightly apart from each other and hang up a few from a height for kids to cross through.

You can even use tires to make a ladder to a tree. This project is suitable for you if you have quite a few tires lying around and plenty of time to plan out an obstacle course and assemble it. You may also involve the kids in making the course and it can serve as great family bonding time.


Tires are fairly versatile and their only use isn’t on a vehicle. Plenty of amazing things can be made from tires with only a little bit of extra budget and effort. Tires come in a pretty distinguishable shape but look really aesthetically pleasing when paired with other things that bind together the interior.

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