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Russian Court Increased Historians Jailed Sentence

Yuri A. Dmitriev is the chief of the Memorial human rights group in Karelia, a Moscow-based group that heeds efforts to write down the crimes against mortals in the Soviet Union. The Russian menacing to stop this group by this assertion that they violated the Russian’s act. Memorial group demobs the levy as politically motivated.

He was arrested the first time in a case of child pornography and then released in 2018. After several months he was rearrested for a serious sexual assault charge of his adopted daughter on 27 June, and he was in the custody of Russian police. His supporter also says that this is all the sentence of his working on Stalin’s gulags. And its case is based on groundless evidence. The damnation of this case is three and a half years, will be freed in November 2020. But before his exit, his sentence was increased by ten years. Court also says that he will be in a high panel colony. His lawyer said that he would appeal against this sequel.

Before being absolved in child pornography, he spent 13 months in the custody of Russian people. Afterwhich the court of Karelia changed the decision two months later, and the case backed for further investigation.

After the 18 December hearing, the court extended the restraint of Dmitriev in prison up to 25 march.

The updated news about Dmitriev is following.

Regime extended his prison date.

He uncovered all the Stalin’s purges.

Denigrate told all the charges countered that Dmitriev is due to his work on Stalin’s purges. The jail damnation of the well-known archivist and militant Yuri Dmitriev extended by two years. In the case of the sexual abuse of his adopted daughter, his supporter says that all a trap, and reality is something else. Eventually, the Russian government is trying to save its political importance because Yuri Dmitriev flashes out the hidden story of Stalin’s Gulags. To close it, government design this all trap according to its supporters.

When the sentence of Dmitriev was increased representative said that it was the back step of Russian from human rights and factual truth. After viewing the treatment of Dmitriev, the United Nations also commended Russia. When he solved the mystery of Stalin’s Gulags, many experts from the United Nations said that he gave the answers to many families’ questions that happened with their beloved ones, prisoned in Stalin’s Gulags. According to the experts of the United Nations, Russian officers try to quiet him by attacking his honor and dignity.

People also say that the Russian government failed to fulfill its duties, try to hide the truth owed by victims, and the Russian government is trying to re-write the book of history.

It heard that the sexual abuse case made for historians. Kremlin said that he has not involved in his case. Yet, no one knows when Dmitriev will be free from the prison of Russians.

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