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Outdated pieces of baby advice you can ignore

Your baby is here. It’s your first time, so naturally, you are feeling slightly conscious. But people certainly do not make it easy. The advice comes from all corners, and some which was not asked for to begin with.

Not only is unsolicited advice annoying, but it might not be accurate to begin with. For new parents who are already flabbergasted to begin with, the onslaught of information can further overwhelm them.

So, it is important to sift the information, separating facts from the myths. While the most accurate source of information is of course your child Specialist in Lahore, but to help you with the task, we have also rounded up few pieces of advice that are safe to ignore.

Outdated pieces of advice you can ignore

You should bathe the baby everyday

Bathing baby every day is not an easy feat, and you may be made to feel pressured into giving them a bath because of people around you. However, this advice is outdated.

Unlike adults or even children and toddlers, babies do not physically exert themselves so much. Hence, they do not get sweat and thus do not have bad odor.

So, you do not have to give them a bath every day, but there is no harm if you want to.

Do not comfort the baby when they cry, it will spoil them

It is very hard to not console your baby when they are crying. And when you have to fight your instinct to protect your child, and not feel guilty about spoiling them.

However, babies are not manipulative. When they cry, it is genuinely from distress. There is something that is causing them pain or discomfort. So, when you do not console them, you frighten them and make them feel abandoned.

Of course, children who are toddlers or above have learnt some emotional intelligence and can exploit the guilt of their parents. For that age, you need to have a different approach. But for babies, do not put yourself or them through undue duress.

Baby walkers are good for your child

Some people are told to get their baby a walker to encourage walking in them. But this is another advice that you should be ignoring. Baby walkers can not only increase the risk of injury in your baby but also make them too mobile before they are ready.

Letting your baby stand or bounce on your lap can cause bowed legs

Many parents are made to feel guilty if they let their baby stand from the fear of bowed legs. However, you may ignore anyone who tells you that. Letting your baby bounce or stand will not alter the structure of their legs. It will actually help them learn how to balance themselves. The exercise is also good for making their legs stronger. But just be careful that your child does not seem in distress or discomfort.  

Babies can only sleep in quiet and dark room

Babies do not necessarily need quiet and dark to sleep. On the contrary, if you train them to sleep through some noise and light, it will make thing easier for you. It means your baby can sleep through many different situations, which is more practical for the parents.

Do not eat spicy food if you are breastfeeding

Some women are made to abandon their love for spicy food when they are breastfeeding. However, you do not have to; do not worry, consumption of spices will not make your baby aversive to it. On the contrary, having a varied palette during breastfeeding also encourages baby to be less picky, as they are introduced different food types.

Word of caution

Whenever in doubt, consult your doctor at Islamabad Specialists Clinic. There is no need to panic or fall trap to people’s pressures. Moreover, babies are more resilient than you think. So, have faith. And ignore people with unnecessary critique.

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