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OIC Meeting in Pakistan On Afghanistan

The foreign minister of Pakistan, Shah Mahmood Qureshi in Lahore, Declared that an extraordinary meeting of OIC will behold in Islamabad on 19 December. And commended countries also contributed to this meeting like; China, Russia, France, and the United States also have invitees to this meeting, and other non-recommended countries like Germany, Canada, Australia, and Japan had also invited including some banks that represent Pakistan.

The objective of Pakistan behind this urgent meeting represents to the world nation that the Afghanistan issue is on a terrible end, So If we ignore yet then not only the people of Afghanistan were affected we were also can violently be affected by this. Therefore Pakistan hoped well from the OIC that he must help Afghanistan with the cooperation of other richest countries so that the situation of Afghanistan might be better and it may save them from endless annihilation.

For this, the envoy from the Islamic Republic nation with four subcontinents comes there and tries to resolve the afghan problem with the best suggestion and economic aid.

A total of 70 delegates took part in this meeting, Especially Taliban foreign Minister Mullah Amir Khan Muttaqi. The foreign minister of the Saudi regime, Prince Faisal bin Rehman also took part in this meeting.

And diplomats hope that the Saudi government is engaged in gossiping on the raising issue of Afghanistan despite their loss.

OIC Meeting Day

Mohammed bin Sulaiman Al Jasser was also among the Saudi foreign retinues. And he explained in the OIC meeting that he could understand the present issue of Afghanistan, and he volunteered himself to maintain trusts for the transfer of money in Afghanistan with better business facilities. And the decision about aid that fixed for Afghanistan is announced on Sunday evening.

In this addressing meeting, the foreign minister of Pakistan, Shah Mahmood Qureshi also declared that it is an issue of humanity, as a neighboring country or as an Islamic relation, It is our obligatory duty to help them. And this meeting is also arranged for their monetary help. And I hope we helped them after understanding the crises of humanitarian. If we do not help them, it will bring disaster therefore, It would not be wrong if I call this endless destruction. It also can create a flood of refugees and malnutrition.

Therefore I am requesting to OIC that they focus on the six-point plan so that the progress of Afghanistan will increase. Through this, its educational power, economic strength, and rebuilding of institutions can improve.

And the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan gives their intellectual address in which he adjures the US to de-link the Taliban from the people of Afghanistan besides their 20-year conflict.

In this monologue meeting, It has also explained that just three countries accepted the previous government of Afghanistan, but presently, no country agrees to accept the Taliban government officially. Besides this foreign minister of Pakistan wants that OIC helps Afghanistan besides these sanctions.

United Kingdom Address in this meeting that Afghanistan must heed the obligations under human rights of women, children, youngsters, and Elder people.

Tom West, the special representative of the USA for Afghanistan, said that he would find the best way for Aid transfer.

And four Aircraft of aid have been sent to Afghanistan through Riyadh. And King Salman has also sent more than 65 tons of Aid for Afghanistan. 

Pakistan foreign minister also said that it is time for the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to play a vital role.

Prime Minister Imran Khan opened the door of Pakistani ports for Indian shipping so that their inventory reached Afghanistan safely or fast besides the conflict of Kashmir. And it is a substantial step towards friendship If India tries to understand. And Imran khan has also announced 28 million dollars for humanitarian aid.

We hope that its outcomes will be positive or peaceful. And the people of Afghanistan will be saved from food starvation.


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