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Learning the art of perseverance

Life is full of tough moments. No one has it easy. Of course, the difficulty might be on a spectrum, but it never is truly easy for anyone.

But the response to adversity is what truly defines us. It is easy to be happy and strong when things are in our favor, but it is when the tides turn that our test for perseverance starts.

Trying, not admitting defeat, and continuously striving are not easy to do. It is harder still since as during hardships, our mental health also suffers greatly. Some people might also face issues like depression that require treatment from a Psychiatrist in Lahore.

Hence, learning the art of perseverance is rather important. It allows us to weather different storms in our lives.

Learning perseverance

Know that easy come, easy go

You might look for easier solutions, easier ways out, easier ways to succeed, but there is no shortcut to achieving the meaningful things in life.

So, convince yourself that your challenges are what is making you stronger. When you have it easy, you do not care for it. Things, people, and entities do not hold the same value. But when you win it via your hard work, the reward seems sweeter, the value greater and the contentment, higher.

Know things are likely to change, always

Gone were the times when things would remain the same for decades. Now, with technology becoming pervasive, things are changing on the fly. Acclimatizing to the change can then feel daunting, but at the same time, not responding could also have a detrimental impact on the quality of your life.

It therefore helps to anticipate change. Tell your brain that things will change, and rather than fighting it, you must accept it. Moreover, embracing change also helps in making the transition easier, as denial serves no one.

Moreover, fighting is also very exhausting. It is often accompanied by an onslaught of negative emotions that takes a toll on your health.

Actively channel positivity

If you are continuously negative then negative energy will also seek you, after all, that is the key premise of the law of attraction. Moreover, negativity also nurtures negative emotions that then take a toll on your physical and mental health. It also makes you less able to deal with challenging situations.

Hence, activity channel positivity. Attract good things in life. Look at the positive aspects of things. There is always a silver lining to watch out for. Moreover, being positive also makes things easier to tackle.

Asking for help is not a weakness

It will be a long journey if you plan to seek everything alone. It will also then naturally become harder to face the challenges, and thus easier to quit. Therefore, do not be hesitant to ask for help.

Some people think asking for help is a sign of weakness, but it is all in their heads. You can pay people for their time if you are very hesitant to ask. Also, do not make everything about vanity. Not knowing is not a sin but pretending to know everything is very unwise.

Remember the times you won

While some wins might come easy, others are a harder battle. Remember those always, not to become haughty, but to remind yourself how you overcome an adversity in the past, persevered, and were able to succeed. It will then humble you, and motivate you into continuing with your mission, despite the hurdles.

Get help for unresolved issues

If you have been through a lot, it is harder for you to be up for further challenges. It also takes a toll on you. Some might also withdraw from activities, and retreat into their shells, because they simply do not have energy to face another challenge.

In such situations, more robust forms of interventions, like consulting a Psychiatrist in Fauji Foundation Hospital, might be needed. Experts can help you get through the unresolved issues and trauma that weigh on you and prevent you from persevering.

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