Is it possible to cheat online roulette?

For some reason, the sphere of gambling is associated with deceit and cunning for many. Perhaps because this was previously allowed in land-based gambling halls and now many are distrustful of this industry. With the transition of games to online mode, any opportunities to deceive the casino and individual games have disappeared.

In modern online gambling halls, such entertainment as roulette is popular. It has gone through a long history of development and is now available online for everyone. Roulette is a favorite among modern users because it offers a variety of bets, simple game rules, and profitable payouts. The bottom line is to bet on certain sectors or individual numbers, spin the wheel and, as a result, receive payments for successful bets.

There is enough information on the net about how you can outwit the roulette system, get more bets or cancel them altogether. Things are completely different with online roulette cheating. The game system has been automated for a long time, and what could be done at a real roulette table is beyond the power of anyone online. Bets are fixed automatically, and the roulette algorithm does not change.

Cheating in roulette

The history of roulette knows three types of cheating that brought their users great earnings. All of these examples are related to regular roulette tables. Enterprising players used:

  • defects in roulette;
  • sleight of hand;
  • collusion.

Today, in such games as https://parimatch.in/en/online-golden-chip-roulette, this is simply unrealistic, because the process is carried out remotely, and the player does not have physical access to the wheel or the betting table.

Defects in roulette allowed tricksters to repeatedly beat the casino. The essence of the deception was to follow the roulette mechanism for a long time to identify its constant repetitions. A person simply regularly bet on previously winning bets and won. Over time, when the roulette wheel became perfect, with smooth paintwork, and now completely virtual, the method has become obsolete.

The real cheating in roulette was recorded among the players who skillfully replaced the chips while waiting for the result on the wheel. The player sat at the table in such a way that it was inconvenient to follow him. At the moment when at least the sector on which the ball will stop is already clear, there were frauds on the gaming table.

Of course, there have been instances of croupiers colluding with gamblers who made winnings through impure results. Today, all opportunities for cheating have disappeared due to the move of the game to online mode.

Winning at roulette

Roulette in modern casinos is presented in several forms. Depending on this, the percentage of winnings in games varies. The classic European roulette guarantees the highest percentage of return (the advantage of the casino is calculated in the amount of 2.7%). American roulette, which has 2 zeros, significantly increases the chances (almost 6%).

Each type of roulette offers its payout table, according to which winnings are calculated. The biggest reward for the user will be a bet on a specific number. The amount of the payout will depend on the bet + odds in the payout table.

All kinds of roulette cheating systems in online casinos do not work. If the player decides to use them in ground halls, then one should understand the responsibility that he will bear for this. It is best to play by the rules, make timely bets, monitor game statistics and enjoy winnings, which will happen in any case in an active game.

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