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How To Pick The Right Living Room Area Rug “Look”

Whether you want to revamp your entire living room decor, or to apply added touches to the tone of the existing decor, swapping your living room Area Rug can have a big impact on the overall look of your living room. But when it comes to living room Area Rugs, there are so many great options, it could be a bit baffling to make the right choice.

We are here to provide you with some general guidelines, in order to help you improve the look of your living room with an Area Rug. It is our observation that there exists a perfect living room Area Rug for all. There is something for everyone, no matter your style, budget, or space.

 Let’s have a quick look at four fundamental living room Area Rug looks that could be implemented by anyone regardless of style, budget or space.

  1. The Vintage Look:

There are a few types of rugs that retain their popularity overtime, and vintage rugs remain number one in this category. The beautiful vintage look is a sure way to add character and depth to your living room space.

Worry not; you don’t have to spend time digging through thrift stores and flea markets to find an actual affordable vintage rug. There are plenty of affordable, machine washable, and easily accessible Area Rugs in the market, that perfectly convey the “vintage” look. Look for classic rug patterns, like the Persian inspired prints, to really lean into that antique feel that a vintage Area Rug will reflect.

  1. The Mute Color Look:

Colorful designs have been a staple in modern living rooms, and though still prevalent, we are now seeing a lot more neutrals and muted patterned living room Area Rugs. This makes sense, since mute pattern Area Rugs are a constant in creating more of a transitional, timeless feel.

While on the surface, muted patterned Area Rugs might not seem exciting, they convey an incredibly versatile, elegant, and classic look. Additionally, if done right, a neutral rug can highlight the entire living room, by relying on its simple charm alone. With a variety of styles and color palettes available in today’s market, it has never been easier to go beyond the boring beige, and opt for rich shades in a neutral pattern Area Rugs complementing the rest of your living room decor.

  1. The Animal Print Look:

If you like the simplicity of neutral colors, but in addition want to go for a bold statement, animal pattern Area Rugs will be a great choice. This is due to the fact that such Area Rugs, while maintaining a neutral palette, convey a luxurious feel.

You will be surprised how easily animal print Area Rugs are incorporated into a space, while simultaneously delivering just the right bit of panache.

  1. The Geometric Pattern Look:

 Geometric patterns on living room Area Rugs, especially the ones in neutral, tonal hues, small prints and textures are not going out of style anytime soon.

Geometric living room Area Rugs help deliver that slight bit of depth that monotone rugs are unable to portray. The sleek, linear designs are minimal enough that they won’t distract from other standout pieces in your living room; in fact this type of Area Rug might help to amplify every piece in your living room.

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