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How To Make Money Online The Real Truth About E Marketing (NEW)

The Internet has made it easier for people to make money than ever before with the rise in popularity of E-Marketing. There are many companies that offer similar marketing opportunities, however, some companies do not deliver on their promises. This article will cover the truth about e-marketing, what you can expect from a company like ours, and how we are the best option to help you start earning online today! There are many companies and scams out there that promise the world but do not deliver. We have seen it first-hand and we will pass on the true information here so that you don’t fall into a scam you can’t get out of! But Tiktokstorm is a reliable company which provides services about Tik tok growth by providing more followers, likes and views.

The first thing you should learn about everyone who makes money online is that he or she gives you only  half the story.

Many people are talking about how easy it is to make a lot of money online and how a very simple click program enables them to make $ 2,500 in one week and how you can do it very easily if you only invest $ 20 from an owner in Purchase this program or course. If you see the video promoting this program/product, you may be seriously affected and feel very tempted to buy this product!

Damn it is not that way at all!

In fact, most of these people did not make money the same way they do in their videos or sales pages, but – and that’s the surprise – they made money selling certain products, mostly “How to make money online”?

Surprise. Is it?

It seems like the old joke when someone bought a book “How to become rich” and read it and enjoyed it very much, and decided to meet the author to increase this scientific appointment, and met him already, and asked him about the industry from which the writer earns his money and how to make his empire, which is estimated at millions, Tell him: I got millions of my books selling that talk about how to make rich.

Shocked? Sure, I’m just like you.

Indeed, they can make more money with this product, because they share it with mailing lists who work in the same industry, the same way .. an open game, right?

Let me explain more to you. The so-called Internet guru Gurus has huge mailing lists, and most of what they do is that when they release a product, they promote it, and promote each other’s products between their lists and among them. Some of these lists are worth thousands of dollars, and the “masters” who own them know very little about how to make deals online.

They only share customers with each other over and over, because they promote the same product/course at the same time, Social status as a document of proof of product quality and proof of its legitimacy.

While the confirmed fact is that: Building a business on the Internet, is a completely different process, and rarely in the form promoted by this kind of “professors” and “experts” work and profit on the Internet.

But, … do not get me wrong .. Certainly, there are ways and methods to make money online fast in a short time, shortcuts to achieve the desired income, and the expected success easier than sticking to your computer for years without results.

You will see several alternatives to this, and later. But if you’re going to go ahead with the traditional way of earning money from the Internet (as I did before, and I do not advise you to do now), you’ll sooner or later realize the difficulty of it.

Make Money Online

But did you know that 97% of people who start working on the Internet fail?

Shocked!! But the truth. Statistics and figures proved that only 3% of those working on the Internet – and less – are the ones who achieve success. Can you imagine that?

If you do not know very well what you are really involved in, do this tour with a typical e-marketer …

Let’s sit with (John) .. (John) is one of the people who surf the Internet every day, and one day he glimpsed a small ad saying:

“I’m making $ 10,000 a month from home. Click here to see how I do it.

(John) finished the process by buying the product – or whatever – for sale, and was thrilled and convinced that soon he would be rich, so he began spending an hour every day in front of his computer, working on his project, which he started on the Internet.

    He created his first blog …

    He started writing some articles to get some visitors …

    Learn what an autoresponder is etc.


then he started playing with some of the opiate and commission marketing promotions. At this stage, John’s wife and friends thought he had bought some of the “how to become rich” cheats. They thought he could not actually make any profit from this process, but they let him complete his work.

Some sarcastic jokes began to appear, but (John) identified and decided that he was going ahead with his work .. but after a short time, John started feeling that he was really compressed.

There was a lot to learn and apply to succeed in this area. He discovered that he should learn how to install a blog, handle FTP, and how to set up an email program.

Then he discovered that he should learn the different ways to bring visitors to his blog, through PPC campaigns, CPA campaigns, PPV, mailing marketing, Joint Ventures, article marketing, SEO, cross-links, etc.


John began to feel that there was a lot he had to do at the beginning, just to start. With all these requirements, John began to feel that he had fallen into the trap.

He spent many hours in front of his computer trying to calculate it again, while his family and friends were concerned that he had been deceived already, and that this kind of work would not come with any result at all.

A few more months passed, and did not make any money Little on the Internet. He began to feel that his family and friends were right. The worst thing is that if John knew very well what he was getting from the first step, it would not have started.

Six months ago, John did not achieve a single online rumor, and he began to feel frustrated and angry and felt a strong sense of failure because he had lost much of his money and time searching for a useless result.

You may have done like John one day and you still suffer as he did. though – I have bad news for you:

“If you keep doing what you do without making any changes, do not think you’re going to get different results”

As I said before: 97% of people who work in e-marketing have not made any money on the Internet, because they focus on all the wrong things that would keep them from achieving one dollar from the Internet.

The sad thing is that if you continue to do what you do, the industry will lure you through its tight system and you will reach the expected stage of frustration, exhaustion, and bankruptcy.

But you do not have to follow this path. Let me tell you that you can make money from the Internet when you apply the right strategies, and follow the disciplined system that actually delivers results.

The myth of e-marketing, which says that everyone can become rich quickly and with less effort, is what I call “playing on the minds”. This is the reality today, and it never seemed to me that someone – anyone – sought to address this or find a solution to it, because it is a reality we can not change.

The truth is that if you are still trying to do it on the Internet, you actually have not made the money you want to make after the Internet, and that is not your fault, but it is a mistake of your tricks and tricks.

You have been told that this type of business depends primarily on bringing a lot of visitors, but in fact, it is quite different.

The main obstacles that no one has ever talked about are that when you are new in this.

    You do not know how to create an attractive offer.

    You do not know how to write an effective sales letter.

    Do not know how to create your own product.

As with most beginners on the Internet, it is very stressful to know that you should learn all these things. I know that unless you devote 10 hours a day to working in this type of business for at least one year, you do not have a chance to achieve what you want from this kind of work.

Is a very difficult way to go, so a few people succeeded. This is the point to keep in mind when you have any product you sell on the Internet. You have to go through a series of steps first to turn cool and neutral visitors into potential customers and then successful deals when those customers buy. Here are the steps:

Your visitors may place a collection of emails that collect the names and emails of each visitor entering your site, placing them in your mailing list.

These visitors are the ones who will turn to followers and interested leads and customers in the future.

Send a series of emails to your visitors as a pre-sales process and make them receptive to your offers.

Create and send invitations to web meetings and provide them with free courses and training to push them to buy your product in the future.

Send potential customers to the landing page or sell the landing page that you have already set up to purchase your product, and convert them from registrants to buyers.


The easiest way is to find someone who already has a product to offer, as well as a unique sales page, a complete sales pipeline, a high conversion rate, and all you have to do then is send visitors to their site and get a commission rate (Usually 30-50%) and this is called commission sales or affiliate marketing. Ten years ago, this kind of marketing was a choice, and it was easy to make a lot of money through commission marketing. It was easy to go to Google AdWords and spend some money bringing visitors to the landing page. Your money is in circulation to bring a lot of dollars to you.

You may buy some clicks with cents to bring you dollars, but it was possible before Google closed the sales industry with the current commission with its famous packages.

Far from that Google changed its rules, the price of its visitors rose dramatically, affecting the whole process, and indicators have indicated that visitors’ prices are rising steadily.

This is a huge problem, because the budget for commission marketing is very small, usually in this case not enough to buy visitors and make profits.

For example: maybe you’re willing to spend $ 400 to earn $ 500 and your net profit is $ 100, while after the price rises are tough (prices are already rising steadily).

Increasing competition drives CPC higher, and average CPC is now steadily increasing.

This means that you are not likely to make a decent profit, which means that your time and effort are out of the way. What is the benefit of spending $ 400 for sales of $ 400 or less and becoming in a draw/loss situation?

Unless you have a sales pipeline that has the potential to drive so many visitors into sales, you spend on increasing your costs and losses, and the time you stay online is limited. This is the same reason why the failure rate in the e-marketing industry is high.

As early as the beginning of this millennium, Google Adwords was giving you all the traffic you wanted, whatever it was, and the industry was wide open, meaning many months of continuous profit, but all that changed now, and with it the profit margin that the online marketer was expecting, The dreams of rapid wealth went unheeded, and the reality of the struggle to survive in this industry remained, the margin was too small to get, and the experiences were risky.

So in the real world, if you want to get a profit from the Internet of 5 or 6 digits, you need to create your own information product, as well as its sales pipeline, hence the profit you are waiting for. So let me tell you why this model is the most profitable at all, although it is the hardest and most expensive, and the most time-consuming way to make money online.

What do you need to succeed?

    You need to know how to write a convincing sales letter.

    You need to know how you can create your product information.

    You need to know how you can create a sales pipeline (e-mail, landing page, sales page, order a series of emails, etc.).

    Apply for and establish a commercial account with an electronic bank.

    You need to manufacture a kind of integration between the purchase vehicles and the autoresponder program you are using, as well as the payment gateway on which you will rely.

    Provide technical support to customers.

    Dealing with returns and discounted amounts.

    Test new offers constantly.

    Make web conferences with customers.

These things can take years and years of experience (and so much money) to become an expert. In trying to master such things, 97% of people fail miserably and head for bankruptcy.

For every dollar you spend on the Internet for advertising, the revenue is poor, and when you insist on repeating such a wheel, the day will come when you will become totally without money.

What I want to say to you basically is that you will not now be able to buy traffic visitors profitably because you will have a lot more money spent than money received.

This is a major reason why many people in the industry fail. But the consequences are much worse. In your dreams of being rich on the Internet, you lose valuable time with loved ones, you may quit your job as well, and you end up in a lot of debt,

But what if you focus on free traffic?

You may think that one way to avoid this fate is to build your business on the Internet, using “free means” to bring in visitors. This way there will be no money spent coming out of your wallet for that number of visitors.

But again: this is exactly the mistake that many novices make. This is because free tools and free traffic are a myth. As the famous English proverb says: “There is no free lunch.” Tell me about one person who managed to earn “free” revenue?

Even professors who advise you to use free tools do not use them.

For example, you find it says you use the free blogger platform which itself uses WordPress paid. Or say you get a free domain and it itself has a paid domain name! In short, they do not use the tools they recommend! But even convince you that everything is free and easy to tell you about these tools!

Time = Money

They also do not tell you that free traffic takes a lot of time, and as the famous saying “time = money” tells us, this is 100% true. This is because time is actually worth something, and I’ll explain it with a simple example.

Let’s say, for example, that you want to set up your site for SEO. You spend two hours a day writing articles for 3 months, trying to get a ranking for search engines. If this happens, you’ve actually spent 180 hours of your life doing this job.

The value of your time is in calculating the share of what you want to gain. If you wanted to earn $ 100,000 a year, which means $ 8,400 a month, the hourly value of your time will be $ 35.

At least. So these free hours you spend every day writing articles are not really free, they’re worth thousands of dollars. So if you target the wrong keywords, all these hours are worthless.

Make Money Online

The main point you should learn is that there is no such thing as “free traffic”. Every visitor you get is cost-effective, meaning you will not be able to buy visitors in a completely profitable way. In fact, if you want to make a real life for you and your family from your online business, it’s not about buying cheap traffic, but about:

Buy Trafic profitably!

What exactly does this mean? Let me show you two simple models that are the backbone of making all the money you want to make over your lifetime from the Internet. Again, what I am about to show you may seem deceptive to its simplicity, but in fact, it is much simpler. It is lost by 97% of those working in the industry, which justifies the continuation of their struggle without achieving results.

The profit on the Internet is summarized in this equation: Formula success

Traffic + conversion = sales

As you see it is linked to your ability to turn visitors into sales opportunities and customers in the first place.

Getting thousands of visitors at the beginning of your site is not the most important thing for you. Instead, focus on the fact that you should build a site where the traffic is of high value. This is the key to your success. Most websites do not understand Equation making visitors value high.

How much do we spend to get one customer?

This is the most important figure for you. Unfortunately, do you know that 90% of the owners of electronic stores have no idea about this figure?

Average Visitor Value = Total Sales / Unique Visitors

Also known as Earning Per Click or EPC

As for the free traffic – in your concept – I have already made it clear that it costs some money or another.

Let me ask you an important question: What would you think if you focused on designing a site that would convert a high percentage of visitors into sales before you even thought about how to bring those visitors?

Again: Traffic+ Conversion = Sales

Most people (especially beginners) think that: Travik = sales.

This is not true at all. Let me tell you a simple example: In 2000, Pets.com reached a revolution in the number of visitors it came to. They spent millions in the Superbowl ads … and then went bankrupt in 12 months. Why?

They were spending $ 270 to get one customer from the visitors, but converting this visitor to a client would only require $ 75 !!! Much has been spent, much more than revenue, and the visitor was not really helpful unless it cost $ 270. Unfortunately, many online entrepreneurs fall into this fatal error, without even realizing it.

It has nothing to do with increasing visitor numbers, but it is related to: “How can I make a lot of sales?”

Lots of visitors = lots of money *

Yes, that’s true, but if you’ve set up a marketing strategy that is more valuable to visitors than the cost it costs.

Calculate the average value of the visitor who comes to you.

You need to know the average value of your visitors before you understand if this is costly to you or bring real profits.

Remember that the average visitor value = how much the click is in your favor. They are also defined as the maximum you pay for a visitor to your site.

Unless you are aware of such values, you will not be able to provide the real information that will help you make the decision to buy the Travik, in which case any traffic you buy will be converted to a process based on intuition or hope.

For example, let’s say that you bought 200 unique visitors to your site for $ 100, of which only 200 completed the sale (that is, the conversion rate = 1%).

The average value of your site visitor simply took total sales and then divided it into unique visitors at the same time.

So, take the $ 200 and divide it into unique visitors and the average value of the visitor will be $ 2 per visitor.

This means on average that each visitor costs the site owner $ 2 to get into your business.

How does the Traffic really work?

There are two models for making money online:

1) Traffic + conversion = sales

2) Sales> spend on ads

Here we explain why everyone loses this equation: this is because online professors are very busy with how to bring visitors, and this is what fools a lot of Internet entrepreneurs, that the process is basically a process of visitors only. But it is not at all. It is actually how to provide the ability to turn those visitors into customers who pay in your business .. Let us prepare again to the equation:

Traffic + conversion = sales

Well … let’s transfer – for example – that you do not have any proportion of the conversion, then the equation would be:

Traffic + (0) Conversion = Sales

This means that your sales are therefore equal to (0). Any number of visitors is multiplied by (0) with the result (0).

If you do not have a rate – albeit a simple one – of conversion, the traffic you bring to your site – even thousands – will be worthless. However, if we have a conversion rate, all the visitors who come to your site will be entirely yours.

For this reason, affiliate marketers will always send their visitors to anyone who pays the highest price. This is the price you will pay as the owner of the product as a result of increased sales due to high Conversion rate.

Experience and statistics have shown that in our work, those with the highest conversion rate achieve the highest and highest percentage of profits.

Have you realized how powerful this transformation is in your thinking?

If you’ve already picked up the key idea I’m trying to share with you, you’ll realize the most important reasons for my success. Remember the visitor’s average value = total sales / unique visitors (also known as Earnings Per Click or EPC).

Let me tell you again: there is no such thing as free traffic, and increasing traffic does not mean increased profits, unless your pipeline/track is highly efficient, with a high conversion rate to turn visitors into paying customers.

In other words, your earnings must be higher than the cost it costs to bring visitors to your site. (This is known as a “profitable proposition”).

Another way to look at your site is to imagine it as a vending machine.

Just to prove my point:

Imagine you were standing in front of the Coca Cola machine and you paid $ 2 for a drink, but instead, the rest of the money was returned to you, and the rest was … $ 1.80 !!!! Awesome .. is not it? The ball was prepared again, the rest this time was $ 1.60.

So every time you put money in the vending machine you lose 10% of it … Tell me: will you keep putting money in this money-destroying machine all day? Of course not.

Now let’s move from our fantasies here to another vending machine, where you put $ 2 and this machine gives you $ 2.20 !!! Wow, you will definitely feel happy with this unexpected fortune, so you put the $ 2.20 in the machine again, the return was $ 2.40, then the third time the return was $ 2.65. So every time you put the money inside the machine, the machine will refund you Plus 10%.

Make Money Online

I am confident that you are ready to stand in front of this machine throughout the day and repeat this process without interruption.

So what is the real truth about Internet profit?

    You need multiple products to cover the cost of bringing and creating a sale opportunity. I assure you again .. you need to create your own products .. yes .. your own products. The opportunities you have to make any amount actually earned from commission marketing = almost zero. Commission marketing is very low. Your first product is not likely to be profitable, because you’re still learning exactly what the market wants.

    The launch of products from time to time is not a stable model of business. This can certainly help you to reap a lot of money in a short time (only if you choose the professional product launch partners) but you burn your energy and health in a short time.

    It is difficult to break into the world of e-marketing if you are new in this field, without known results, and hence without credibility moving on it. Profit Professors from the Internet will not tell you this, because they want you to think it’s simple and easy, but it’s not, and not everyone can. But, as you’ll notice later, there’s a better and easier way than that.

    Be wary of buying customer data leads from a person or company that gives them an Excel file for a respectable amount of money. Sometime in 2015, I received a call from someone telling me that he had a list of 76,000 customers from legacy networks of famous marketers. Immediately, I felt that my fingers were eating me out of excitement.

    I pay at least $ 8 for every deal I receive on Google Adwords, and I was (getting killed) to get any recent customer data, and I can not continue to pay such amounts to Google to get customers .. This person was like a lifeline for me what he owns From the Ready menu.

    He wanted me about $ 2,000 to meet this list, and I know that if I make one sale I will earn $ 1,000 plus I can make additional offers until the price rises to a satisfactory shape. That is, if I had only 5 sales, I would have compensated for what I paid in addition to the profits.

    It was very tempting for me to get only 5 or 10 sales from a list of 76,000 customers. The temptation was stronger than I was. .. This was the dumbest thing I have ever done in my life, and more than 99% of the data was false and forgiven.

    The customer data is more like gold. The best will be closer to the context and the completion of the sale (which is also the rarest, which few people know how to bring to them). These customers only need a very little push before they buy.

    Little persuasion is needed with these people. The worst customers (which is what most people bring) are when you speak, you wish you had a phone crash over your head. The list of customers that should be with you is the list you built yourself, not what you bought from others.

    Starting a new job on the Internet requires a set of skills to turn this into a job for you. “The good news is that you are: the boss … The bad news is that you are: the boss.

    You will not be able to do this alone. You need to create a team. You will need a customer service assistant, a financial specialist, a personal assistant, etc.

Most likely, this is what you do not want to hear, and far from the usual that you would imagine “getting rich while you sit on the beach and laptop next to you, you surf through the commission from time to time.” The truth you should know is that if you start In the traditional way that many marketers have started their work, you are likely to stop as fast as the 97% of those working in this field, who fail every day.

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