How Diamond Brands Use Digital Marketing To Drive Sales Growthv

Ever since the pandemic, consumers have become comfortable with making major purchases online. There was an expectation that the jewelry industry’s revenue would plummet due to the pandemic. While that was somewhat true, the recovery was remarkably fast, thanks to online shopping.

The said plummet during the pandemic of 2020 was reported as a drop of 9.68% in revenue, but it has been steadily recovering since. Thus, there’s an optimistic forecast concerning the diamond industry’s future despite the setbacks. And entrepreneurs are even encouraged to go into jewelry businesses because of the said forecast. 

For a jewelry brand to truly shine among the competition, you need to use digital marketing. It’s digital marketing that saved the industry from collapsing during the pandemic. And it’s also digital marketing that will keep it afloat in the future alongside several other industries.

Now, without further ado, let’s discuss how jewelry brands utilize digital marketing to drive sales growth.

  1. Create Engaging Content About Diamond Cuts, Wedding Jewelry, and Other Topics

In any mode of digital marketing, content is one of the most important factors to success. And this is especially true in digital marketing campaigns for jewelry brands because it grabs your prospect’s attention. They become more informed about your products and your specialties in the industry.

For example, you need to have informative content on topics that follow trends. Lab grown diamonds are one such topic that has garnered popularity these past years. Many questions surrounded them at first, and people would ask: are lab grown diamonds real?

In reality, lab grown diamonds are very much like natural diamonds, but the place of origin is different. As the name suggests, it’s grown in a laboratory that tries to simulate a diamond’s formation process. 

Lab grown diamonds are also graded and authenticated like any mined diamond, which means they’re up to par. They’re also cheaper than mined diamonds because of the different methods of acquisition. Since they’re grown in labs, no miners’ lives were endangered and less equipment was needed.

By talking about these interesting trends as topics, you’re bound to keep your reader engaged. It also serves as a way to woo and convince them to check out your products.

  1. Show Off Those Diamond Shapes on Social Media

Social media is everywhere, and it’s common to have heard of digital marketing associated with it. It plays a huge role these days for product-based businesses because customer sentiment is more accessible. It’s easier to know what customers want when you can communicate with them online.

When you post a picture of an upcoming product, your followers will comment on what they think. Some will look forward to it and tag their friends and family to spread the hype. Others will share their thoughts to improve the product, so you also get free suggestions.

As a jewelry brand, you’d want to utilize visual social media platforms like Instagram. A digital marketing campaign on those platforms will make your products and brand more accessible to customers. And you’ll acquire more leads because of how easily products can reach prospects online.

So show off those unique diamond shapes, cuts, and colors for all to see. Maybe it will catch the eye of a future groom or an aspiring salary woman. 

  1. Build a Great Website and Talk About Different Types of Diamonds

Your website serves as your online spokesperson for your brand online, so it should be created strategically. You can showcase your knowledge of the industry through different pages on the site. You can talk about the different types of diamonds, lab-grown diamonds, and more. Not to mention, your pages can showcase your best jewelry collection.

Content aside, the website should also be user-friendly so that your customers undergo a great user experience (UX). It might not mean much, but the difference between a smooth and bad UX is a deciding factor in a purchase. 

For example, as a customer, how would you feel if the website keeps lagging or crashing while you’re browsing? Will that encourage or discourage you from bothering to go back and making a purchase?

By having a smooth UX, the website should be easy to navigate and has all the necessary information about your brand.

  1. Make sure that Your Website is SEO-Friendly

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a set of practices designed to improve your website’s appearance and position. That position is usually achieved through organic searches. An organic search is the best and most prominent way for people to find and access online content.

More than a great website, you also need to have it rank high on Google and other search engines. You can achieve this by making your website and its contents SEO-friendly. To explain further, the importance of Google ranking is that it makes your website more visible.

Think about it, do you bother to look at the second page when you search for anything online? More often, you don’t because the results on the first page already give satisfactory answers. Hence, you need to optimize your content using high-ranking keywords. This will help you land on the first page of Google as part of your digital marketing strategies.


The pandemic forced the evolution of commerce to that of online marketing. Strategies had to be overhauled, and websites need to be built. Industries had to collaborate with online shopping and social media platforms. Everyone had to move and change fast lest they risk being left behind by the competition.

In the jewelry industry, digital marketing has become a necessity, especially because of the pandemic. Their competitors can collaborate with influencers on social media to showcase their collections. It’s also a great place to introduce new products because client input is very accessible. 

It’s also important to write great and SEO-friendly content for your marketing channels. Whether it’s a blog, social media account, or newsletter, content is what keeps your customers interested. 

And SEO is what helps Google know that you’re a reliable seller and source of information. By having a website, content, and social media that are SEO-friendly, you’re likely to drive sales growth.

The bottom line is that brands must take advantage of digital marketing to stay afloat in their respective industries.

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