Deep Dive into the Casino Security System

The casino industry is a highly secure one, given that it is about money, and there will always be people who will attempt to cheat. Online casinos that offer Wild Fortune bonus terms are much more vulnerable. 

So, are they safe at all? Yes, they are safe, as casinos spend millions to keep their systems secure. Today, we will take a look at the different security measures that casinos use — call it a deep dive into the casino security system. 

Secure Sockets Layer

Online casinos use Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL, to keep their system free from hacking. SSL is a process of encryption where all data are jumbled. Only the casino’s computers can unscramble this data to make meaning out of it. 

SSL is the global standard for security and privacy. For every piece of information you type and click in the casino, the SSL system puts it into encryption. Even if someone manages to steal data, the information is unintelligible, and it can take hundreds or thousands of years to correctly guess what that information is. 

To decrypt the information, there must be a “handshake” between two devices, which involves the casino’s servers and your device.  

One Account per Person

Legitimate casinos implement a one-account-per-person policy. They do this to prevent identity theft, and there are verification systems in place to get this done. 

If you register for an account in an online casino, you need to do the following:

  • Confirm your email address
  • Confirm your mobile number.

On top of that, you must also go through another layer of verification. You must submit a photocopy of your ID, and that identification must match your casino name and the name on the financial information you submitted, like a credit card. 

Some casinos may also ask you for a photo of you holding your credit card. They do this to ensure that you are who you say you are. 

What does this do? It prevents others from creating false accounts. Let us say that someone attempts to use your financial information; there is no way he can do so because he does not have your physical card.  

In addition, if the casino’s computer system detects that you have two accounts, it will prevent you from doing so. If it so happens that a scammer created that duplicate account, the casino will block him.

Regulation Processes

You must only play at licensed casinos because they are subject to a regulation process. The regulation process comes from the government that issued their licenses.

Government institutions have laws about gambling. They also ensure that they subject all license holders to random validation processes. What this means is that the operators must comply with these laws. If they don’t, they can lose their licenses. 

Government institutions do the same for game developers like NetEnt, Microgaming, etc. The government has to ensure that the game development company creates fair games. 

Fair means that if the game is a game of chance, both the casino and the player do not have any advantage in controlling the results. There are also statistical requirements for games. For example, some governments require a specific RTP for slot machines. 

Because of all these, you can rest assured that the game developers and casinos are always on tier toes. They want to make sure they are compliant. Otherwise, they would lose their license.  

Third-party Auditing Systems

There are third-party organizations that serve as watchdogs for casino operators. For example, we have eCogra. These organizations have game laboratories. They also provide independent casino validation.

Essentially, these organizations have no vested interest in these casinos. Casinos go to them. The third-party organizations check several factors, which are all in alignment with what the government wants. 

After this validation, the organization, like eCogra, would furnish a report. This report contains findings and recommendations. 

So, if you see a label on a casino that says it is eCogra-certified, you can bet it is safe. Organizations like eCogra are the allies of players. They want to make sure that the casinos are safe environments for players.

Like the government, eCogra also works with game developers. For example, once a new technology is available, the game developer can tap eCogra to help them validate if the game is fair. 

eCogra has game laboratories where they check for statistical probabilities. They also check the engine, like the Random Number Generator or RNG, that is used in the game. If everything checks out, that game is good for publication.

Land-based and online casinos are safe. However, you also need to know that not all companies comply with regulatory standards. To be sure, you must only play at licensed casinos. These online casinos went through rigorous testing by the government to ensure that they can provide a high degree of security for their players.

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