Common workplace challenges and how to overcome them

Only very few people are lucky enough to love their work. They have a skip in their step on the way to work. Mondays are their favorite. They live and breathe their work.

But there are other mortals who face challenges at the workplace that obviously make their workplace experience bitter. Luckily, there are ways we can address the common issues surrounding the workplace.

Common workplace challenges and overcoming them


The issue of workplace rage is very much real. At times, the anger might be justified; you are being bullied, people are abusing their power, or you are getting insulted for no reason. Or you may get angry because that is your disposition. However, in either case, lashing out at the workplace is counterproductive. And if you let your anger consume you, it is even worse, and may even require treatment anger management therapy in Dubai.

Other than getting help for your anger issues at work, try breathing exercises, as they help in getting your blood pressure and rage down. Similarly, try to understand and rationalize your anger, so your chain of toxic thoughts is broken, and your brain utilizes its energies in doing something constructive.

Toxic workplace

A toxic workplace takes a great toll on your mental health. It can leach all joy from your work experience, and naturally, you all but look forward to work.

But you can navigate a toxic workplace without it directly affecting you. Some helpful things to do include:

  • Extract yourself from the office gossip
  • Focus on the task at hand only
  • Be cordial but do not be friends with people who you know are toxic
  • Improve your mental energies otherwise
  • Confide in people who can be there for you
  • Do not take things personally

And if nothing is working out still, perhaps look around for a new job.

Communication issues

Knowing the art of communicating properly is imperative in the professional world. Otherwise, you might be left with confusion, extra work, and a lot of anger.

So, learn the art of effectively communicating your boundaries. Understand the professional language and do the corporate dance with words. But do not hesitate to be clear and cordial in your communications.

Lack of progress

If you are putting in the due work, it is only fair that you work your way up the ladder. But unlike big corporations, smaller businesses and non-conventional workspaces do not necessarily have career pathways set in stone.

However, there is no reason your seniors should not be acknowledging the weight that you are pulling. If that is the case, the best way forward is to ask for the promotion that you deserve.

Otherwise, if there is no room for growth, then perhaps consult a career coach in Dubai to move to greener pastures. Experts can help you find a more befitting job that offers a better environment and package. To find professionals who can be of help, visit Fitcy Health and choose from over 200 experts, available at competitive rates.

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