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Beijing Olympics 2022

As 2022 is finally here and no doubt that there is no shortage of big moments and events in China, and the Beijing Olympics is also a part of it. As spikes are high, therefore there is no guarantee of success. And according to the latest news, as the virus enters into its 3rd year so will china remains separate from the whole world? As the expectation is on the high level that will xi Jinping again take over the third region, and if yes, then control will be strict more or not?

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Global lights will be shined again in Beijing in the coming February, and it will be the first city that hosts both winter and summer Olympics. But there will be a vast difference between these two games. China’s biggest coming-out party was known for the summer Olympics in 2008, but the current situation has a vast difference. In 2022 Olympics will be held in a bubble that is virus-safe and, it makes the distance between the participants and the native Chinese. And this bubble separates the participants from the local native of Beijing at a vast level. As cleared by the summer Olympics of Tokyo that it is a very difficult task to carry out the Olympics games at the international level in the presence of a pandemic, and for China, it is more difficult because of its mission to eliminate the virus. Not only pandemic is the biggest problem for China, but also the strike against Beijing is the noticeable thing, therefore all participants will be strictly monitored.

The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, will be started on Friday, 4 February, and will end on Sunday, 20 February. These days will be marvelous for its keeners. China already spent $3.9bn on the Beijing Olympics games and nearby cities. Approximately 3,000 athletes will take part in games from different events. And in Paralympics, 736 will be competitors in the 78 events. And artificial snow is spraying on the competition site and approximately no less than 1.2 million cubic meters due to low snow falling in Beijing. For people’s, convenience China has built a high-speed railway line that will transfer the people to game sites. As managed, all activities workers also prepare ice surfaces in Beijing for the Olympics game, which will hold on Friday, 4 February.

Diplomatic boycott

On 6 December, The United States announced its diplomatic boycott. When it happened, the international Olympic committee said that we respected your decision, but that would not stop the games from being a success unwantedly.

Many reformers called for a boycott of the Olympics in Beijing because china manipulated values and its wrong acts against human rights in Tibet and Xinjiang. And famous tennis star of Beijing, the Peng Shuai’s sexual assaults blamed against a former. And top leaders have intensified such things. The US and the allies had also boycotted the Olympics game, and athletes are allowed to attend Rather, they might urge to say something.

The US government boycotted the Olympics games held in Beijing, and further, China government replied that this act will return with great power. Therefore US government will send no official representative to Beijing due to genocide and manipulation of human rights against the Muslim population. White House on Monday’s conversation declared that America also send no delegation to Beijing Olympics 

White House on Monday’s conversation declared that America also sent no delegation to the Beijing Olympics game due to its manipulation of Muslims rights. Whereas, experts say that some countries for politically standing used games. Muslim’s genocide attracts the US government and forced them not to attend the Winter Olympics held in Beijing in February. So, it might be a trap of china to distract the nation from its wrong acts through Games. She said that our team has our full support because we happy them from home, we will not contribute to the Olympics games held in Beijing.

Australia also joined the diplomatic boycott of Olympics games held in Beijing due to China abroad aggression and repressive policies. No Minister will attend the Olympics games in Beijing officially but, Athletes are sent to compete only. Whereas France and Korea declare that they will not follow the diplomatic boycott of the Olympics game held in Beijing. The US government pay the price for the Olympics boycott, China says. Japan also joined the diplomatic boycott and will not send any official delegation to Beijing.

The Foreign Office criticized the diplomatic boycott of the Winter Olympics held in Beijing. And Pakistan Foreign Office has said that we hope that all nations will combine and compete in games, and also said, we should not discuss the political matters in games. There keep away the politics from Olympics games

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