5 Tips to Find an Ideal Dog Sitter to Care for Your Pet Back Home

There are no particular qualifications to look for in a dog walker or sitter; however, you can consider hiring a dog sitter with expertise in critical areas like animal first aid and care, dog behavior, and good experience handling dogs.

Discipline, knowledge, compassion, honesty, and sticking to the schedule are some essential virtues a reliable dog sitter must have. These qualities are crucial to hopefully protect your pupper from unwanted risks during your absence at home.

Another significant problem with a dog sitter hiring is there are many to compete for a position who can be lazy and want to make some quick bucks without genuinely taking care of your pup. Just imagine what you would do if they administered the wrong medicine to your sick pooch during an engrossed phone call with someone.

Sounds scary, right? You might already have a dog insurance policy to cover your fur baby’s non-routine medical care, but is that a fair enough reason to take a chance with a na├»ve dog sitter? And what if you don’t have at least cheap pet insurance as medical backup?

You might have to deal with additional vet bills due to their reckless conduct, which is why you should consider purchasing pet insurance. Meanwhile, read this article to learn a few tips on finding an ideal dog sitter to look after your puppy during your time away from home.

  1. Finding a dog sitter is deceiving easy in the current times with so many potential candidates looking for work. All you might need to do is download a popular app on your phone, enter your pet sitter preferences and location, and there you go; you have several matches on your screen within seconds. However, there is a considerable risk associated with hiring a dog sitter online. You don’t know if the person’s details are verified or their trustworthiness. So, go by recommendations from your close circle of family, friends, or neighbors.
  2. You can also consider hiring somebody from your network. For instance, hire your friend’s friend who loves dogs, your neighbor, colleague, or cousin’s teenage child, your child’s college friend, etc. Otherwise, you can check the availability of pre-veterinary interns who may be willing to take responsibility in good faith and for monetary compensation.
  3. If your puppy has special physical or medical needs, specify all that to the potential dog sitter before bringing them on board. At the same time, consider your puppy’s needs and wants. For example, if your pupper loves adventurous activities, you can think of hiring a dog sitter who shares the same interests. They can go hiking, trailing, paddling, or swimming together.
  4. Ask the potential candidate how they would react to a few of your puppy’s annoying antics. Record their answers and analyze them after the call.
  5. Check how often they will take your canine fur baby out for a walk in a day, whether on or off-leash. Ask if they will bring along other puppies or if it would be just they and your pup.

Many troubles are unavoidable whether or not you stay by your furry little one’s side. And can you say anything else when you have an unpredictable animal in the house? One reason you should consider being prepared with dog insurance well in advance.

Cheap pet insurance covers your canine friend’s health care during accidents, injuries, emergencies, and more at affordable costs, which is why you should contemplate buying one.

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