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5 must-have kitchen tools:

When it comes to cooking, some kitchen utensils are essential for any meal. These basic tools are required for any mandatory cooking step, and if you are planning on setting up your kitchen or packing up stuff to travel and use makeshift kitchen, this article will help you choose the most necessary utensils.


Peeler is one of those tools which make your cooking process easy and quick. Nowadays it is better to use peel off vegetables using peeler rather than peeling their layer through knife. The latter is a time consuming processing and can also cause damage to your fingers if slipped. On the other hand, peeler can peel off the layer so smoothly and evenly in one go. Furthermore, there are other tools which make your cooking quicker, such as potato slicer. We all are fond of French fries and never say no to them. So, peeling off a tomato with knife and then making fries is a long process, instead you can just use the potato slicer to satisfy your taste buds. One major benefit of using a potato slicer is that all fries are cut into even pieces and shape, thus they look presentable and is a great idea while serving your guests.

Non-stick frying pan:

Planning any meal would require use of a pan. Non-stick pans are widely used in cooking breakfast, like omelet or pancakes. You can sauté your vegetables or fry chicken or make sauce for lunch or dinner. These non-stick pans always come in handy for cooking any meal. Moreover, they are easy to wash and clean, resists scratches unlike glass pans and saves on fuel as well. Having a set of non-stick pans in your kitchen will make your life easy.


If you are working in a kitchen, the most vital and the must tool you should have is a knife. Any cooking meal starts off with chopping the ingredients and mixing up, thus knives are always in use. There are different types of knives depending upon the use, serrated knives are used for cutting through tomatoes or bread, whereas butter knife is used for slicing butter or Nutella etc. other than that, paring knives are used where small ingredients have to be sliced and large knives are not a viable option.

Measuring cups/spoons:

While baking, the most important factor is the measurements of the ingredients. These measurements can be done using measuring cups/spoons to make tasty desserts and not mess up. So if you are planning to do baking, these are the must-haves in your kitchen space.


Even if you are not cooking an extra-ordinary meal, strainer are always essential. Strainers are bowls with holes to filter or drain unnecessary cooking material. Whether you have to drain rice or pasta or wash vegetables to cleanse them or separate tea, strainers always play a vital part in filtering the usable cooking material. They are available in all shapes and sizes and are super helpful in your kitchen environment.

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